J’adore La Beauté Hair Salon in Rockford ,IL.

J’adore La Beauté was opened with one mission; to create heads which turn heads! Our excellent services are adored by our clients because they can see the effect they have on others. Our strength lies in knowing how to make you look your best. We do not just follow trends and apply the same style to everyone; instead our stylists apply and create styles which make you look the best you have ever looked. Clients who come to us once come back again and again because they know they cannot get the same style and quality from anywhere else.  

Delivering Hairstyles with a Passion

J’adore La Beauté was created out of a passion of hair and hairstyles. At J’adore La Beauté, you will feel strange that your stylist seems more excited about your hair than you yourself; this is because we genuinely love creating new styles and giving people makeovers. People come to us before important days in their lives and entrust us with the task of making them look great on their special day. People come to us because they want to look good on a special event, for an upcoming interview, or when going on a date. We don’t just cut hair; we restyle it into something better than ever before.

Hair Cuts

We cut hair with the passion and care of a sculpturer working on marble.

Kids From $15


Anyone who thinks kids cannot look fashionable has obviously never seen a kid who got their hair cut from J’adore La Beauté! We make kids look cute and cool with age appropriate trends.

Mens From $20


Do you want to look suave in an interview? Or maybe you want to look fun and friendly on a vacation? Or you just want to make a style statement with great everyday hair. No matter what your demands are, our expert men’s barbers will have you looking great.

Womens From #25


Our hair stylists know more styles and trends than you can even think of, so come join us as we go on the journey to finding the best hair style for you.


Sometimes, it’s not just about getting a regular hair cut. Sometimes, you want to change your whole look or style. If you do, then we are the perfect partners for your hair makeover.

Basic Flat or Curl Iron From $25

Basic Flat or Curl Iron

Want smooth silky hair? Or do you want friendly curls? We have experts for both.

Hair Extensions Price determined at consultation

Hair Extensions

We have only the highest quality hair imported from the best tropical countries for the job.

Shampoo w /Blowout from $30

Shampoo with Blowout

Sometimes your hair just needs to be refreshed. Our shampoo with blowout removes all the damage caused by the polluted environment!

Hair Color and Chemical Services

We use only the best and safest products to bring you quality hair color and chemical services.

All Over Color From $50

All Over Color

Change your whole look by completely changing your hair color!

Corrective Color price determined at consultation

Corrective Color

Want to fix a patch of hair that is not same as the rest of your hair? Want the original color of your hair back? Then our corrective color services are for you.

Glamour Blonde from $100

Glamour Blonde

Blondes do have all the fun and so should you!

Glossing From $15


Hair lost its shine due to the dirty environment? Get it back!

Highlights From $65


Become the highlight of the party with our highlights service.

Men's Grey Blending From 35

Men’s Grey Blending

Don’t hide your grey hair; look smooth and suave with the right blending.

Ombre/ Balayage From $110

Ombre / Balayage

Get beautiful Balayage hair with just the right amount of highlights spread around your hair with a fantastic Ombre effect.

Perm from $60


Sometimes, the classic perm is all you need.