Hottest Hair Trends in 2016

hottest hair trends in 2016

The New Year has brought great creativity to the hair industry. Hair colors and hair styles are always evolving and you have to keep up with the fast moving changes and alterations otherwise you will end up looking like someone who is stuck in limbo while time travelling; highly confused and perplexed about the whole thing. Here is a look at some of the hottest haircuts and hair styles which are trending in 2016.


The Hip Haircuts

1. Pixie Cut Variants

the hip haircuts
Pixie cut is here to stay. Whether it is cropped or textured or many layered, you will be among the chic and hottest hair looks if you pull this one off. Ask your hair stylist to tell you which length and texture will go best with your face cut.


2. The Long Bob

the long bob
They long bob is back. More popular than the short bob, the long bob offers good face framing and optional bangs whose length you can adjust with your stylist. You can even get it cropped to give a wispy look if you don’t want it too neat.


3. Textured and Cropped Layers

textured and cropped layers
Layers have been around for ages! Whether you have short or long hair, it makes no difference. Layers suit hair of all lengths and have a way of freshening up your look. You do lose some of your volume but the look you get is simply worth it.


4. Loose Afro

loose afro

You can totally rock this look if you have curly hair with a lot of frizz. You don’t even need to spend too much time getting ready, just decide on your parting for the day, either side or centre and you are good to go! Ask your hair stylist for a tapered cut at the bottom and more volume at the top. Your final shape should resemble a diamond or a heart.


5. Flat bangs

flat bangs
With all the wispiness going about, no one paid attention to flat blunt cuts. But looks like flat fringes are the next big thing now with short flat hair. You will pull this off best if you have dead straight hair, or you might iron it straight if you wish. Whatever works best for you!




The Hot Hair Styles

1. Braid Hairdo

braid hairdo

Braid hairdos are all the rage this year. They have been since Jennifer Lawrence’s appearance in the hunger games and Katniss’s fascination with braids. They do look beautiful though! Braids are very popular hairstyles for day looks and if you throw in a few fancy pins and glamorous hair brooches, you can rock those evening cocktail parties. Side braids, braids with side-swept curls, fishtail braids and French braids are some of the common most braid styles.


2. Loose Curls

loose curls

Curls never go out of fashion. Whether you wear them thick, tight or loose, you will always manage to turn some heads. You can make an eye-catching hairstyle even without having much time on your hands by just curling the ends of your otherwise straight hair.


3. Waterfall Braid

waterfall braid

The waterfall braid deserves its own section. It can suit both straight and curly hair depending on what type of look you are aiming for. You should get it done with straight hair if you want a neat look but opt for curly if you want it messy. It screams elegance and class like no other hair style.


4. Hair Bun

hair bun

Whether you are going to work or a party, buns are the most common of hairstyles with just uncountable variations ranging from simple tucked-in buns to complex chignon buns. Just make sure to tuck in any loose strands so that your bun looks neat unless you purposefully want it messy.

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