Hair Color Ideas for the Wild Child in you

Have you always wanted to dye your hair but never could decide on a color? Or did you think that going a few tones lighter or darker than your original hair color would work for you? Always wanted to do something out of the box?red-hair-woman-looking-up

Just because there are certain ‘natural’ hair colors doesn’t mean you cannot dye your hair your favorite color? This post is for those who don’t really watch out for the trends in hair color industry, but just follow their spirit and their unique personal preferences.

Because your body is your body, and you can color your hair however you want to. Look into these hair color ideas of people who don’t care about being judged at all and are happy being who they are:

–        Red Hot

Red is one of the msot expressive colors around, and is the ideal color for those who want to go all out and  yet choose a color which could still be classified as ‘natural’ (or not). While the trend of dyeing your hair red has reduced dramatically over the years, if you really love the look and feel it describes who you are, then you should totally go red.

portrait-of-a-happy-young-woman-with-pink-dyed-hair–        Hot Pink

This is a bolder color and is not for the shy types. Go for this if you are ready to let your hair give out your first impression. But if you love your pink hair, and like how it makes you feel, then you shouldn’t care about anything else. Pink is unapologetically feminine and bold at the same time. And if you don’t love the dark pink, go for light pink or pinkish blonde – What’s not to love?

–        Fiery Ornagered-hair-fashion-girl-portrait-long-curly-hair

Your tresses look like flames and make you look so gorgeous and so powerful. The warmth of the color makes your hair look shinier and shows the confidence you have.  You could get a golden red, if you aren’t comfortable with bright orange. You could even get a carrot orange if it works for your skin tone. But like all color dyes, you need to be careful about this one, as the wrong shade can seriously affect your appearance. Make sure you talk to your hair stylist before getting it done.

Glossy Green

You don’t really see people dying their hair green, but you can totally go for it if green is your happy color. However, it’s a good idea to get temporary one wash, or semi permanent dye if you are going for a color as risky as tportrait-of-funky-young-woman-with-green-hair-standing-against-gray-backgroundhis.


Because these colors stand out from the rest, they are a great way to express your inner self. And with advice from your hair stylist, you might not have trouble pulling them off, either.




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