Hair Color Ideas for the Wild Child in you

Have you always wanted to dye your hair but never could decide on a color? Or did you think that going a few tones lighter or darker than your original hair color would work for you? Always wanted to do something out of the box? Just because there are certain ‘natural’ hair colors doesn’t mean you cannot dye your hair your favorite ... More

Hottest Hair Trends in 2016

The New Year has brought great creativity to the hair industry. Hair colors and hair styles are always evolving and you have to keep up with the fast moving changes and alterations otherwise you will end up looking like someone who is stuck in limbo while time travelling; highly confused and perplexed about the whole thing. Here is a look ... More

What’s Trending: Hair Color Ideas for 2016

 What’s Trending: Hair Color Ideas for 2016 The year 2015 saw hair colors which were literally works of art. It was all about being bold and experimenting with your color palette. Ranging from fiery ombres to crazy colored rainbows, tresses that made statement were a buzz. Hair colors couldn’t have gone any wilder, but that’s ... More


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Fall in Love with Your Hair Again

Award Winning Hair J’adore La Beauté is the highly acclaimed hair salon based in Rockford, IL where we believe that hair style is more than just about beauty and glamour. It is about making a statement. It is not merely a reflection, but an extension of who you are. With that in mind, we help our clients get their head straight, feel ... More

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