Our Services

  • Haircuts from $20
  • All over color from $45
  • Highlights from $65
  • Ombre/ Balayage from $110

Fall in Love with Your Hair

Award Winning Hair

J’adore La Beauté is the highly acclaimed hair salon based in Rockford, IL where we believe that hair style is more than just about beauty and glamour. It is about making a statement. It is not merely a reflection, but an extension of who you are. With that in mind, we help our clients get their head straight, feel more confident, and look gorgeous. We offer a complete range of hair dressing and styling services that include hair cutting, hair styling, hair coloring, as well as hair care services for men, women, and kids. Our expertise ranges from hairstyles for wedding and formal occasions to complete personality enhancing hair transformations.

Unmatched Expertise

The reason we are one of the best in the industry is because we work with absolute understanding of how the idea of perfect hair and hairstyle changes from person to person. Under the brilliant supervision of Crystal, we have a team of the finest hair experts who know that their expertise lies in understanding what the client wants rather than in imposing their own choices. They are caring professionals who will sit with you and talk about your needs and expectations before they can work their magic up your mane. This is precisely what changes everything.

A Level of Comfort

At J’adore La Beauté, we go out of our way to make sure our clients are comfortable with the ideas our creative experts have crafted for them. We won’t put you under the scissor until you are absolutely ready to trust us with your tresses. We claim to change your hair salon experience once and for good. At the end of the day, we promise that every client will have a smile on their faces and a head they can gracefully keep high as they leave the premises. Our mission is to make you fall in love with your hair! So, if you are ready to have a good hair day every day, you are more than welcome at J’adore La Beauté. Check out our Rockford, IL beauty salon location, or get in touch with us at 1-815-558-7797